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For tour operators, hospitality is the first, and perhaps most important, moment of contact with customers. When, however, this is made up of people with specific needs related to any disability, motor or sensory, or to a permanent or transitory pathology, operators often find themselves in difficulty due to the lack of knowledge of the needs related to each particular condition. and measures to be taken to overcome any obstacles and satisfy them.

Having acquired the necessary knowledge and skills and adopted all the appropriate strategies, it is essential for operators to identify the most suitable tools, methods and communication channels to provide detailed information on their accommodation facilities to the recipients of the offer, so that the latter can choose the best answer to your needs.

C'era L'Acca offers operators who intend to open their facilities to this "special" clientele the opportunity to organize moments of information and discussion aimed at making them acquire greater knowledge and awareness of the problems related to accessible tourism, as well as schedule inspections in the structures to detect and process all the information useful for defining their degree of accessibility.

The cooperative is also available to provide consultancy and design services aimed at expanding the accommodation capacity of the structures, thus opening them up to an increasingly large clientele, to reach which it can act as a quick and effective link between operators in the sector. and the network of organizations that deal with accessible tourism, of which it is an integral part and which constitutes an irreplaceable launching pad for tourism businesses.

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